NewsHoumo HaloDrive™ 30, the first CIM Autonomous-Driving Chip in China, was officially released

Houmo HaloDrive™ 30, the first CIM Autonomous-Driving Chip in China, was officially released


In today's rapidly developing artificial intelligence technology, efficient AI computing power has become an important cornerstone for the widespread application of intelligent driving. Houmo Intelligent is driven by underlying technological innovation and adopts an integrated storage and computing architecture to break through the bottleneck of chip computing power and power consumption, achieving a step in chip energy efficiency ratio and bringing new solutions to the rapidly developing intelligent automotive industry.

This product launch conference brought together multiple guests from the government, industry, academia, and investment sectors, including Chi Yu, Deputy Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology; Zhang Yongwei, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People Association; Professor of Tsinghua University, Changjiang Scholar, and renowned expert in integrated storage and computing technology, Liu Yongpan; Zhou Zhifeng, partner of Qiming Venture Partners; Cheng Jinglei, Chairman of Yanghe Group, former Vice President and Chief Engineer of SAIC Motor, etc. At the same time, many customers, ecological partners, and media friends were also invited to attend.

By innovating the underlying architecture, achieving the ultimate breakthrough in AI computing efficiency

The improvement of computing efficiency has always been the underlying driving force for technological development and change. Nowadays, a small smartphone has increased its computing power and efficiency by at least 1000 times compared to personal PCs in the 2000s. This improvement in computing power has brought people a rich and colorful life and convenient experience. The trend of technological development and application transformation, from mainframes to PCs to mobile phones, also indicates that every 1000 times increase in efficiency will create a new computing era and change people's lifestyles. With the leap forward of AI technology, the computing system of the future era of intelligent everything will have at least 1000 times more improvement in computing power and efficiency compared to today's chips.

Wu Qiang, Founder and CEO of Houmo Intelligent

Wu Qiang, founder and CEO of Houmo Intelligent, stated: Two years ago, Houmo Intelligent was established, and we firmly chose to innovate the underlying architecture of integrated storage and computing to achieve the ultimate breakthrough in AI computing efficiency. The integrated storage and computing architecture integrates storage and computing functions, which is closer to the computing method of the human brain than traditional architecture and has much higher computing efficiency than traditional methods. With the emergence of large models such as GPT, integrated storage and computing chips are increasingly receiving industry attention, and we are pleased to see more innovations Our company has joined us in promoting innovation and application of hard technology.

At the press conference, Zhang Yongwei, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People Association, pointed out that the scale of the intelligent driving market is huge and still in the stage of accelerating penetration, providing huge opportunities for innovative development for new technologies and enterprises.As an innovative technology, the integration of storage and computing has a low dependence on process and high competitiveness, providing a more forward-looking technological path choice for intelligent driving chips. Adopting multiple technological paths to achieve the localization layout of chips will help solve the problem of homogeneous competition in the automotive chip supply chain, and help improve the resilience and security of the industrial chain.

Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People Association

Integrating storage and computing to create an efficient computing engine for intelligent driving

Chen Liang, co-founder and Vice President of Research and Development of Houmo Intelligent, stated that Hongtu ™ H30 has achieved six major technological breakthroughs with an innovative architecture that integrates storage and computing, namely high computing power, full precision, low power consumption, vehicle specification level, mass production capability, and universality. Hongtu ™ H30 is based on SRAM storage medium,adopting a digital storage and computing integrated architecture, it has extremely low memory access power consumption and ultra-high computing density. Under Int8 data accuracy conditions, its AI core IPU energy efficiency ratio is as high as 15Tops/W, which is more than 7 times that of traditional architecture chips. In order to better achieve vehicle specification level, Rear Motorcycle Intelligent is based on Hongtu ™ H30 has independently developed a hardware enhancement mechanism and detection mechanism to further ensure the Functional safety while improving the reliability of the chip.

Chen Liang, co-founder and Vice President of Research and Development of Houmo Intelligent

In order to fully leverage the high computing efficiency brought by the integration of storage and computing, Houmo Intelligent has created a dedicated IPU (processor architecture) for intelligent driving scenarios - the Tianshu architecture, which uses multi-core and multi hardware threads to expand computing power, achieving a perfect balance between computing efficiency and flexible expansion of computing power. AI computing can complete end-to-end processing within the core, ensuring universality. The design concept of the Tianshu architecture originates from traditional Chinese residential buildings in the courtyard style. While ensuring the efficiency of computing resource utilization through large-scale layout design, it further combines the design advantages of modern residential buildings with multiple floors/high-rise buildings to flexibly expand computing power through multi-core/multi hardware threads. Thanks to its flexible and efficient hardware architecture design, Hongtu ™ The H30 achieves a 2x performance improvement while also reducing power consumption by 50%.

According to Chen Liang, the Tianshu architecture is the first generation IPU (processor architecture) independently developed by Houmo Intelligent. The second generation Tianshuan architecture is already in development and will use a Mesh interconnection structure. The number of computing units can be configured according to different application scenarios, and overall performance, efficiency, and flexibility will further improve. It supports multi scenario applications, such as cost and power sensitive intelligent terminals, large models, and other scenarios. The third generation Tianji architecture has started planning and will be built for the intelligence of all things.

Disruptive technology empowers intelligent driving, HaloDrive™H30 Reaches a New High in Performance

At the press conference, Xin Xiaoxu, co-founder and vice president of products of Houmo Intelligent, spoke to Hongtu ™ The product performance and advantages of H30 were introduced in detail. Thanks to the advantages of integrated storage and computing architecture,HaloDrive™H30 is based on a 12nm process and achieves up to 256TOPS of physical computing power with Int8 data accuracy. The required power consumption does not exceed 35W, and the overall SoC energy efficiency ratio reaches 7.3TOPS/W,it has the characteristics of high computing efficiency, low computing latency, and low process dependency. In actual performance testing, Hongtu ™ The H30 benchmark based on the Resnet 50 model achieved performance of 8700 frames per second and 10300 frames per second under the conditions of Batch Size equal to 1 and 8, respectively.

Xin Xiaoxu, co-founder and Vice President of Products of Houmo Intelligent

Currently, based on HaloDrive™H30 has successfully run the commonly used classic CV network and various advanced autonomous driving networks, including the currently most popular BEV network model in the industry and the PointPillar network model widely used in the field of high-order assisted driving. To achieve great success ™ The intelligent driving solution developed by H30 has been deployed on partner unmanned cars, marking the first time in the industry that a chip based on an integrated storage and computing architecture has successfully run an end-to-end intelligent driving technology stack.

At this press conference, Houmo Intelligent launched a synchronous launch based on HaloDrive™H30 Intelligent driving hardware platform created by H30 chip - Liyu ®。 Relying on HaloDrive™H30 has extremely high computational efficiency and density, making it effortless ® The platform's CPU has a computing power of up to 200 Kdmips and AI has a computing power of 256 Tops, supporting multiple sensor inputs and providing more abundant computing power support for intelligent driving, further improving the reliability of the system. Liyu ® The power consumption of the platform is only 85W, and more flexible cooling methods can be adopted to achieve low-cost and convenient deployment, which is conducive to promoting the popularization and application of intelligent driving scenarios with high computing power.

In order to provide customers with a better product experience, Houmo Intelligent is also based on HaloDrive™H30 chip independently developed a Programming tool chain - Houmo Avenue ™, Supports mainstream open source frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, ONNX, and programming is compatible with CUDA front-end syntax. It also supports two programming models, SIMD and SIMT, balancing operational and development efficiency. With non-invasive underlying architecture innovation, it ensures universality while further realizing HaloDrive™H30 is efficient and easy to use.

Xin Xiaoxu revealed that HaloDrive™H30 will begin testing for Alpha customers in June. Meanwhile, HaloDrive, the second-generation product of Houmo Intelligence ™ The H50 is already in full development and will be launched in 2024 to support customers' mass production models in 2025.

The release of HaloDrive™H30 has opened a new stage of commercial implementation of integrated storage and computing power chips. Houmo Intelligent will unwaveringly focus on underlying technological innovation, creating extremely efficient computing chips, and working closely with partners on the ecological chain to jointly promote the realization of intelligent everything.

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