NewsHOUMO.AI won the 2022 China Chip “XinHuo New Product” Award

HOUMO.AI won the 2022 China Chip “XinHuo New Product” Award


On January 5th, the 2022 Qinzhu-Macao Integrated Circuit Industry Promotion Summit and the 17th “China Core” Award Ceremony were successfully held.With the theme of “Open innovation, collaboration and win-win”, this meeting was guided by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the China Semiconductor Industry Association, and co-sponsored by the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, the Zhuhai Municipal People's Government, and the Executive Committee of Heng Qin Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone.Houmo intelligent storage and computing integrated high-power AI chip won the “Core Fire Cutting-edge Product” award this year.

The call for outstanding products of ”China Core" is mainly aimed at domestic semiconductor companies and their research and development products. It has been successfully held for 17 sessions so far. It aims to select chip products with strong innovation, high market potential, safety and reliability in various segments, and pays special attention to guiding application companies and chip companies to promote production and use. It has become a weather vane and a major review of domestic integrated circuit products and technology development.

It is reported that a total of 227 companies and a total of 334 chip products have received registration materials for this year's selection, a record high.The results of the 17th “China Core” outstanding product solicitation announced this time, Houmo Intelligent's storage and computing integrated high-computing AI chip was awarded the ”Core Fire Cutting-edge Product" award.The award is aimed at integrated circuit innovation and entrepreneurship projects with good market prospects, high development potential, and distinctive scientific and technological innovation characteristics.

Houmo Intelligent's storage and computing integrated high-power AI chip, based on architectural innovation, adopts SRAM as the storage and computing integrated medium. Through the deep integration of storage units and computing units, high performance and low power consumption are achieved. The sample computing power reaches 20TOPS, which can be extended to 200TOPS, and the energy efficiency ratio of the computing unit is as high as 20TOPS/W.This is the industry's first AI chip based on a strict in-memory computing architecture, with AI computing power reaching dozens of TOPS or higher, and can support large-scale visual computing models.Compared with the large computing power chip under the traditional architecture, this chip has significant advantages in terms of computing power and energy efficiency ratio.In terms of openness, this chip not only supports mainstream algorithms on the market, but also supports different customers to customize their own operators, which is more suitable for high-speed iteration of algorithms.

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